The Afterparty’: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Everything We Know So Far!

Readers, have you ever attended any reunion party, what if the funny party becomes a serious murder spot! How will you escape!

Today we are back with one brand new American thrilling series named The Afterparty which is directed by Golden Globe and Academy Award winners named Christopher Miller and Phil Lord.  

And, if you want to imagine the thrill of the above situation, scroll it down to know more about The Afterparty.

Synopsis of The Afterparty!

The series revolves around a mysterious murder happens at a high school reunion party, which is thrown by a gorgeous birthday girl Cassie.

All of a sudden, her birthday plan goes off the rails and converted into her death day, and she starts floating between above and below, which sounds scary and hilarious.

So, will you able to solve this mysterious murder case of Cassie or not, comment below!

When will the series land? Is any trailer clip out yet!

Yes Readers, Apple TV recently dropped down the teaser clip of The Afterparty on 7th October 2020, which is of one minute, and all the mysterious fans can check out the teaser here,

Also the creators revealed the pattern of releasing all the eight blockbusting episodes of the series. The first three episodes will land on 28th January 2022 on Apple TV Plus, whereas the rest five will premiere weekly until 4th March, in English language.

In addition to the release date, directors also revealed the titles of the all eight episodes which is based on the name of characters present in the reunion party. Check them out;

Aniq, Brett, Yasper, Chelsea, High School, Zoe, Danner and WhoDannert?

Casting of The Afterparty!

A murder mystery is incomplete without any psychic detective, so in this upcoming series, the role of brilliant detective, who kicks off the investigation will be played by superb Tiffany Haddish as Danner.

Along with Tiffany, Sam Richardson will play the role of Aniq, Zoe Chao as Zoe, Ben Schwartz as Yasper, Ike Barinholtz as Brett, Ilana Glazer as Chelsea and so on will be seen.  

Hence, stay tuned and circle the date 28th January, if you want to catch the murdered of Cassie!

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