Todd Grimshaw will be outcast by his family and friends following the revelations about his fraudulent actions on Coronation Street next week. To get back with Billy, Todd (Gareth Pierce) wrecked Paul Foreman’s (Peter Ash) previous relationship with Paul Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank). Todd has lived on borrowed time ever since.

After his teenage buddy Will (Ben Hackett) realises Todd has ripped him off over a stolen heat pump, Todd’s sly tactics ultimately catch up with him.

As George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley) explains to Todd’s mother, Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver), Todd is difficult. Afraid about her son, Eileen is split between concern and contempt for what he has done.

As Todd searches the rental property pages for an apartment, he becomes increasingly discouraged. As he’s still paying Billy back for the stolen heat pump, he’s unable to find a property in his price range.

Todd has nowhere to stay to make matters worse, and George insists he stay at his house instead. The disgraced Todd could be on the road to redemption. But, in the wake of Billy’s dishonesty, is his relationship with Billy finished for good?

Gary Pierce was recently asked whether Todd is “redeemable” after his unpleasant attitude. He said that while he does try to regard Todd “with some compassion”, it’s not always possible.

For him, it was a loss of what he had lost when he left the first time. “I think it’s his resolve to get back to Billy and Summer that is driving some of his darker behaviour,” he added.

It will be shown on ITV at 7.30 pm and 8.30 pm on Monday, August 2.


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