The advent of American Skin: Unravelling the Plot, Release Date, Trailer, Casts and Characters

For the three whole years, Nate Parker did not appear in any of the works of his industry, after the 1999 rape allegation. However, he revived his presence through the film entitled as American Skin in the Venice Film Festival on September 1, 2019. The movie marked its symbol of triumph by winning the Scofini Best Director Award. 

Though it created a little controversy in the festival’s line up, the film proved its worth and made a huge success where the audience in the Venice Festival gave it a standing ovation.

So, when is the release of the movie American Skin?

The wait is not as long as you think guys because the film is officially declared to be released on January 15, 2021. 

Let us now quickly have a glimpse over the plot of the movie American Skin?

After a heart breaking divorce, Lincoln Jefferson a U. S Marine veteran, makes an effort in building a bond with his son. He runs his life by taking the work of a janitor in a junior high school. The story line picks up stronger as when a 14 year old boy is shot in front of his father. Lincoln then takes action in a hope of getting justice for his loved son.

Now let us see who are all the cast and characters involved in the movie American Skin:

Nate Parker is playing the role of Lincoln Jefferson

Omari Hardwick is playing the role of Omar Scott

Larry Sullivan is playing the role of Clay Dwyer

Theo Rossi is playing the role of Officer Dominic Reyes

Beau Knapp is playing the role of Officer Mike Randall

Michael Warren is playing the role of Melvin

Shane Paul McGhie is playing the role of Jordin King

Milauna Jackson is playing the role of Tayna Jefferson

Sierra Capri is playing the role of Kai

And the other casts include AnnaLynne McCord, and Mo McRae.

Don’t you want to check the trailer?

Here is the link for you. Have a visual treat by watching out this amazing trailer. 

Hope you had a great time watching the trailer.

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