In July 2020, Christina Ricci had filed for divorce from her estranged husband, James Heerdegen. Furthermore, the actress has obtained a restraining order against her partner, who allegedly assaulted her physically and emotionally.

Ricci also filed a request against her husband for a domestic violence restraining order after filing the divorce six months ago. Keep reading to know more about the continual of the story.

After Ricci’s request, the judge granted her the restraining order. The request states that her estranged husband will not be allowed to visit their six years old son Freddie and must stay a hundred yards away from her 40 years old wife.

On Tuesday, her attorney Samantha Spector shared that the actress said her husband physically abused her. Recently, Heedergen’s attorney told a source that the actor has denied all the allegations of physical and emotional abuse made by his wife in 2020.

The filing also revealed that The Addams Family star was subjected to emotional and physical abuse by her estranged partner. Moreover, she also faced many other acts of abuse in front of their six years old son.

Ricci claimed that her husband started abusing her when she realized that she was expecting in October 2013. She felt isolated, and during a family vacation in New Zealand, her husband said something that made her scared for her life and their son.

The cinematographer said that he could feel sorry for her when her body parts were cut into small pieces. In the declaration, the actress said that she hid all the knives in the cabin. That night, she slept with her son in a different room and locked the door.

After a few months, Ricci told her husband that she wanted a divorce, but she got stuck with him in one house during the co-vid pandemic. And when the lockdown began, her husband punished and terrorized her 24/7. 

Moreover, in June, Heerdegen chased her out of the house while she was trying to call 911. He grabbed her forcefully and slammed her body in the fire pit in their yard. Later, she suffered from soreness, bruises, and cuts on her hip.

On June, 25, in front of their son, the actor threw a coffee and chair at her and spat on her face. She soon called 911 and was immediately given an emergency protective order against her partner. When Heerdegen found out that she is spending more time with a male friend, then he began sending her veiled threats to destroy her reputation in the media.

Final Words

The 41 years old fears for their son’s safety because Heerdegen is still threatening to abduct their son. She has also asked the court to stop her husband from releasing her private video and audio recordings and to give it back to her. Furthermore, she has requested the court to order her partner to attend a 52-week batterer intervention program.

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