Hello Readers! Are you a huge fan of hot Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, since you watched Deadpool, if yes, then today we are back with a piece of good news for all of you.

The superb actor will going to amaze you soon, with his brand new upcoming film  named The Adam Project, which is directed by Shawn Adam Levy and scripted by T.S. Nowlin, Jennifer Flackett, Mark Levin and Jonathan Trooper.

So, let’s scroll down to know everything about The Adam Project!

What is the movie all about!

The upcoming sci-fi American film, follows similar pattern as that of last year’s film Free Guy. The movie shows the story of a man named Adam who wants to travel in time to meet his dead father for some secret incomplete mission which needs to be finished.

So, will he able to find his late father or will he able to complete the mission successfully, comment down!

Casting Members of The Adam Project!

In the upcoming film, all the fans will watch the young role of Adam played by newly entered Walker Scobell. Talented Ryan Reynolds will sketch the role of adult Adam with Mark Ruffalo who plays the role of his beloved father.

Rest, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana, Catherine Keener and Alex Mallari Jr will be seen in different roles.

When and where will the movie land?

After celebrating the huge success of Shawn Levy’s directed movie Free Guy which was premiered in August 2021, another Collab between Reynolds and director Shawn Levy will hit the screens on 11th March 2022 on Netflix.

The hot sci-fi film, Free Guy, has grossed around $121.5 million worldwide and also received positive reviews from critics.

The production of The Adam Project begins in November 2020, in British Columbia, Vancouver and wrapped in March last year. No trailer or teaser video has released yet, but don’t worry as you will get the sneak peak of the movie soon.

As there’s time in the airing of The Adam Project, until then you may watch out the super hit movie Free Guy.

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