The Academy of the Big Brain Brain vs. Brain | Best Deals on Nintendo Switch

In 2021, there will be a slew of Switch party games. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain concludes Nintendo’s party trilogy this year with the WarioWare and Mario Party series. Continuing a series that began with Brain Age on the Nintendo DS and helped solidify the company’s “blue ocean” strategy of reaching out to nontraditional gamers through titles like Wii Sports.

Nintendo Wii Fit. Each “Brain” game contains a collection of digital brainteasers. The new twist is that it is now almost entirely focused on multiplayer gameplay rather than single-player.

In Big Brain Academy, mini-games are classified into categories such as identity, memorize, analyze, compute, and visualize.

The games are all designed to put your brain to the test in a variety of ways. Mini-games include popping numbered balloons in the correct order and completing an image by selecting the correct shapes. Both games require lightning-fast reflexes. 

Each mini-game can be played independently, or in a simple single-player mode, you can compete against the ghosts of friends or other online players. Earning high scores and unlocking new avatars is a reward for playing well.

  Big Brain Academy : Brain vs. Brain | Best Deals on Nintendo Switch
Big Brain Academy : Brain vs. Brain | Best Deals on Nintendo Switch

Unlike previous Brain Ages, this one lacks an incentive structure that encourages you to return and learn new things. Following tests, the game does provide you with a score for the weight of your brain.) Rather than that, the single-player mode serves as a warm-up for the party mode, which supports up to four players. This mode is advantageous for a wide variety of purposes. 

This collection contains a variety of enjoyable and challenging games, making it ideal for a timed competition

When everyone in the room is racing to identify a slowly unraveling photo of a zebra, it can be surprisingly intense.

What distinguishes Brain vs. Brain from the Nintendo Switch’s other party games is the ease with which the game’s difficulty can be changed. It’s a game that the entire family can enjoy. Each player in a multiplayer game can adjust the difficulty level independently, allowing for the inclusion of players of varying ages. 

While the children are having a blast playing Mario Kart, I am frequently forced to slow to a crawl. You can customize each player’s experience in Brain vs. Brain so they can compete against one another and also against themselves. It is, in some ways, a breath of fresh air.

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