The 4 Best Ways to Make Money Essay Writing Online in 2021

In today’s technology-oriented world, most of our activities have moved online. The one thing that is relevant to all things online is content. It is the content that keeps people engaged and indulges in activities of choice.

Writing for online platforms is a great way to make money. In a year like 2021, where almost every activity has taken shape into the online world, there is more scope than ever to expand your horizon, gain new experiences and make money through essay writing. 

Start an individual essay writing service

Entrepreneurship and writing services can go hand in hand when it comes to the online world. Essay writing has been a massive success for numerous people worldwide. If you are looking to make money online, then one of the top ideas is creating a website that is dedicated to providing essay services for brands, companies, and individuals. 

An individual platform awards you with the freedom to select your clients, make strategies and move ahead at your desired pace in the online forum; an added advantage is that of a larger audience out there. Not to mention, there is an ample amount of money from providing a service as such. 

To further amplify your business, you could start collaborating with brands and campaigns or host paid events and sessions on your platform. However, you must note that it takes enormous effort to build a website that pays both organically and through brand payments, so step in with patience and a vision to bring about a difference with your writing. 

Writing services for students 

There is excellent scope in making money by providing writing support to students who need professional guidance during their education in school and college. If you think you have the proper knowledge and strong writing skills, sign up as a writer on education support and services portals. Students in college choose online essay editor service by EduBirdie for essay editing services, essay proofreading, and proofreading academic services. EduBirdie hires writers through a strict mechanism, and once you land an opportunity, you are sure to excel and grow in your writing career. 

Become a freelance writer for research bodies 

Freelance writers enjoy the benefits of choosing the projects they want to work on, flexibility, and most importantly, get to decide their working days and timings. A freelance writer is paid well among the other benefits that they enjoy through their career. You can offer your writing services for thesis, dissertations, and white papers. Students, professors, and educational institutions can be above and part of your target group. 

Spend some time building a portfolio and pitching to potential clients who would regularly need such essay writing services. A tedious process initially, but you will start to see success in conversions when you spend a considerable amount writing and making pitches. Sign up on job boards and look for writing gigs that support your writing dream career. 

There is scope for growth as a freelance writer where you may land a handful of clients to work with. This gives you a chance to build something that belongs to you. Hire more writers under your wing, and here you have the right platform to build a business from essay writing services.

Use social media to offer essay services 

Social media platforms have changed the way we communicate, and rightly so, it has also increased the need for constant chatter. If social media calls out to you, you have an excellent chance to do what you love and earn handsomely from it. 

Use the power of social media to look for independent clients and small businesses who may need essay help in the form of white papers being written and published on their websites or for publishing purposes. 

Technology is ever-growing, and that is seen directly on the online platform. It has changed the way we look at the profession of writing. With immersive technology present, AI in essay writing is slowly getting popular and moving the needle towards future growth opportunities for many aspiring writers. 


Carry out thorough research on the formats mentioned above for making money online through essay writing. There is great competition out there and as you decide to step into the writing field, make sure you understand what you like to do and what fits your idea of a career in writing. You have the benefit of making your path, and with great practice and hustle, your writing journey can be successful and lucrative.

Author’s Bio:

Brandon Kryeger works as a client coordination manager for a PR agency where his job is to ensure smooth content distribution on various channels. He also contributes to student success through his academic writing services for the number one essay writing agency online. His free time is for biking, doing DIY furniture work and sharing his thoughts on social media.


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