The 2022 Kia Forte Gets Smart Updates, Including New Interiors

A few months ago, I was on the verge of purchasing a new 2021 Kia Forte GT. Why? Because, with a starting price of just over $24,000, the turbocharged car is an excellent value. As a result,

I sought out the Forte as a way to get into a car with an adequate grunt at a reasonable price. I found some base FE models for under $14,000 for those who want a cheap car but don’t need a lot of power (with a stick, mind you). With the latest updates, the Kia Forte for 2022 will remain a desirable low-cost compact car option.

Because of the competition, Kia is making these changes to the Forte now. The 11th-generation Honda Civic is also in the mix (with a Si variant right around the corner). Volkswagen also updated its Jetta lineup, including the GLI, for the 2022 model year.

These three sedans defy the general consensus that they are on their way out; despite this, their manufacturers have committed to remaining in the segment for the foreseeable future. Despite the fact that the new car market is distorted, you can still find vehicles without a high price tag attached to them.

Purchasing a 2022 Kia Forte gets you a lot for your money. The updated exterior lights and a new upper grille with Kia’s new logo distinguish it from the previous model.

The new Forte gets new front and rear bumpers, as well as what Kia calls “sportier” taillights on GT-Line and GT trims, as is to be expected from a mid-cycle refresh.

Interior Changes Are Highly Desired

Depending on your viewpoint of the 2022 Kia Forte, a physical parking brake may or may not irritate you. By removing the old handbrake, more storage space has been provided, which will be appreciated by the car’s other 99 percent of buyers.

Rideshare passengers will no longer be left in the dark with the addition of synthetic leather seats and a rear USB charging port.

For The Time Being, The Same Powertrains Are Used

The updated Forte’s trim levels are FE, LXS, GT-Line, and GT, which are all the same as before. Kia did, however, discontinue the EX trim in favor of the GT-“Sport Line’s Premium” package, which includes some of the EX’s features.

In 2022, the base model of the Kia Forte FE will cost just $20,085 USD. The LXS, on the other hand, is slightly more expensive at $20,585. The GT-Line costs $22,285, which is still within most people’s financial means. The GT will cost $24,485 when new, which is $700 more than the 2021 model.


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