Texas Chainsaw Massacre Reboot Poster: Take a Glimpse At First Look At New Leatherface

On Monday, Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans got a glimpse of the first poster of the upcoming sequel. The franchise treated the fans with Leatherface, who is an infamous killer. This homicidal maniac has gained his name for his sheer brutality. The recent poster has brought a new sequel to the franchise and is looking forward to bring more horrors for the modern generation of horror fans.

The infamous killer will somewhat look like how he is shown in the new poster. The sequel of the film is produced by Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe filmmaker Fede Alvarez. If we take a close look at the teased picture, it is painted in an impressionistic style, paint smears, and with a flourish of colors. The made colored in red, yellow, orange, and black shade showcases a human face. Sources reveal that the mask is made of human skin. 

More details about the sequel

As of now, we don’t have much information about the upcoming film’s plot. But some sources reveal that if Alvarez gets involved in the film, then the upcoming movie will stay true to the original plot. But we might see some new additions in the key moments. The same formula was followed in Alvarez’s 2013 reboot of Evil Dead.

And fans know that no remake or reboot will be better than the quality of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Moreover, this film was highly regarded by fans. Alvarez’s ideas to create the best horror films come from being aware of this merely amplifying aspects.

As of now, if we talk about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it is not that easy to take the storyline in a different direction. If fans find the plot of the film going far from the version of 1974, then we don’t think they will be happy with the film.

In the past, the movie had several remakes reboots, as well as sequels, and it will be challenging for the creators to create a new storyline without adding unnecessary elements. If they keep repeating the same old mistakes, then it won’t leave much impact on the viewers.

But if we look at the new poster, then we can think that the production is creating a watchable film for the audience. It could also mean the creators are taking a considerate and hopeful approach to the movie.


So this is it! If you haven’t checked the haunting new poster yet, then you can see it below. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will premiere in 2021. Stay connected with us for more information about the new The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.


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