Beyond Dropping Blocks: Inside The Wild World Of Pro Tetris

At some point of our lives, we all have must played the popular blocks game named Tetris. The game is very simple but can get very interesting and tempting if you start to play it regularly. Today we have brought some very interesting and awe creating information about this beloved game.


The Tetris Champianship

In the 1990s and before that in the 1980s the game was so popular that Nintendo started a tournament for its three main video games which are Rag Racer, Super Mario Bros and Tetris . The tournament that happened in 1990 saw a 13-year-old kid named Thor Aackerlund.

He was the first person in that year to reach the level 30 of the game TETRIS and win the game championship which was the part of the bigger Nintendo World Championships. After that for 20 years the Tetris championship continued to be a part of the Nintendo World championship.

Then in 2010 an individual Classic game World Championship was started in which the players battled for supremacy on the Nintendo version of the game. There has been other tournaments as well across different places in the world. While the Classic Tetris World Championship remains the most popular one, the Puyo Puyo Tetris of Japan Is used in the Japanese tournament of the game and is also very popular over there.

The players who compete in these tournaments do not just go casually, they go in with complete strategy and improvise their strategy according to the block that is flowing in to the game space. The sport has become very popular over the years.

Interestingly only teens of about the age of 13-15 years seem to win the tournament every year. This proves that teens and video games are a really good combination.

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