Terry Bradshaw: Going Deep On Hbo Max, Stream It Or Skip It:

Sportspersons inspire a lot of people. And the legendary rugby player Terry Bradshaw is also an inspiration for many. Very recently his documentary film named ‘Terry Bradshaw: Going Deep’ premiered on HBO Max. Here is the review for the same.

The Review

The documentary was released on HBO Max on 1st February 2022. The documentary has been made out of parts of a special concert done by Terry sometime ago. He is himself in the concert. He uses his skills as a commentator really well. He mainly talks about his life, the sporting career he had, and all the fun things that he did while he was a player and then later as a commentator.

Terry Bradshaw: Going Deep
Terry Bradshaw: Going Deep

The concert is not the only thing special about the documentary though. The documentary has old footage as well just like any other documentary. The old footage has been selected carefully and brings out the best side of Terry’s personality. The combination of the old footage and the footage of the recent concert make a very unique style of storytelling.

As a player he was famous and his stardom has a good effect on this documentary. His career as a commentator helps him in his concert and in turn in making the documentary a fun thing to watch.

The documentary though is not without flaws. The editing of the documentary is a bit edgy. The transition of the scenes from concert to real-life footage and old footage is not sometimes connected. When you watch the documentary you see Terry talking about one thing one moment and another thing the next.

Even then it will be a good thing to stream the show for the superb comedy and tales told by Terry in the documentary.

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