Terrifying glitch during live stream of President Biden’s speech spooks inauguration viewers

An apparent glitch occurred during the live stream of the Inauguration Day ceremony that marked the official swearing-in of the 46th President of the United States. It was during President Biden’s speech and it certainly left the viewers in shock.

At one instance, the stream stalled and the screen suddenly went black (though for a few seconds). Upon resuming, the picture began to re-emerge but the left side of President Joe Biden’s head appeared red and pixelated. This briefly gave a feeling of a head wound to the viewers and was really disturbing to watch.

pic credit mprnews.org

The clips and images are being circulated on social media. According to a Kentucky-based digital artist, Devon, the appearance of it given the timing and knowing just how noticeably jarring the effect was is utterly odd. She believes it was just a bad render and further added that she was shaken by the glitch.


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