The most loved and played street fight game‘TEKKEN’ is back with a new season pass. The Video-gaming company, Bandai Namco, has declared that the upcoming “Tekken 7” Season 4 comes with a lot of sturdy and brawny avatars along with the eagerly-anticipated DLC (downloadable content) character KinumitsuII, who turns out to be the daughter of Tekken 2’s Kinumitsu who made her appearance in Tekken Tag tournaments and Tekken 2.

Guess when it is coming 

Go find yourself some stable place as the land is about to slide off your feet. The Microsoft Store has officially revealed the Tekken 7 Season pass 4. 

It’s on November 10, 2020, you can purchase the pass and the update, on the other hand, will take a while to reflect on the game.

Here’s the Official Teaser of the game, 

Kunimitsu Returns for Yoshimitsu!

Let’s get more familiar with the new member KunimitsuII. Kunimitsu’s fighting style is Manji Ninjutsu. Her eyes are grey and her hair is black with sine purple and red highlights. 

She doesn’t like Yoshimitsu knowing what he did to her mother. She is a Kunoichi who wears a Fox Mask. We will see her wearing a black ninja grab, three sheathed Kunai, a long-frayed scarf having cherry blossom designs on it. Interestingly Kunimitsu is a flute player too. Her voice-over is done by Saori Hayami. She surely will take revenge for her Mother’s death. 

Tekken 7 Season 4 advances with additional updates on gameplay and enhancements in the interface of the game. The best part about its release is that there are going to be new moves for every character. The Microsoft Store has not specified any price but it seems that it will be a bit less expensive than the former. 

Tekken is introducing a new scoring and ranking system known as ‘Tekken Prowess’, which monitors the position (rank) and statistics. ‘Tekken God Omega’, a new ranking on top of the much-urged Wi-Fi signal indicator by the users is luckily being added to Tekken 7’s new season. A new character set on a stage is also expected in 2021.

Players all around the world are excited to play the role of the approaching Season 4. Kunimitsu is ready to show some moves. Are you ready?? 

Until next time, stay happy be safe and sound and above all be well informed with us.


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