Tehran Season 2: Apple TV+ Series Is Coming On 6 May!

Really soon the season 2 of Tehran is going to come out on the Apple Tv+ streaming service. The first look trailer for the season 2 has been released. Today we will take a look at that and other important stuff, that is related to the season 2 of the Tehran. So, lets start with the basic information about the season 2. 

Tehran Season
Tehran Season 2

Tehran Season 2

Like the season 1 the season 2 is also going to be directed by Daniel Sykin. The screenplay for the second season will be written by Moshe Zonder and Omri Shenhar. the production of the season 2 is going to be done by Donna Productions, Shula Spiegel Productions and Paper Plane Productions. As the season 1 came out on the Apple Tv+ streaming service, the season 2 will also come on Apple Tv+.

The first look trailer for the season 2 came out on 9th March 2022 on the official YouTube channel of Apple Tv+. You can watch the trailer by going to the following link https://youtu.be/DSKD-_o65VI.

The season 2 is going to come out with its first two episodes on 6th May 2022 on Apple Tv+. Right now, its not known why only 2 episodes are coming out or when would the other episodes be released. Nonetheless, as the show is Israeli, a primarily Israeli cast is going to be there. We bet you would not know them that well and so proper introductions are in order.

Cast Of Tehran Season 2

As is apparent from season 1, the show has three main characters. First one is Tamar Rabinyan whose role is played by Niv Sultan. Niv can be seen in the movie Almost Famous. Then we have Faraz Kamali whose role is played by Shaun Toub. Shaun can be seen in the movie Ironman.

At last, we have Masoud Tabrizi whose role is played by Navid Negahban. Navid can be seen in the movie Aladdin. Along with these 3, 13 more actors and actresses are there in season 2. Next, take a look at what will happen in season 2.

What Happens In Tehran Season 2?

Now from season 1, we know that Tamar is in grave danger. Things are so desperate that Tamar has to flee Iran with Imad and that too at the earliest. But their window of opportunity is open only if Faraz bleeds to his death, as can be seen in the last scene of the last episode of season 1.

The season 2 thus is expected to start from this point. If Faraz dies then the return for Tamar and Imad will become much easier. And if Faraz survives, then it is really difficult to say what could happen. Tamar and Imad could still flee successfully but it would be that much tougher. 

Whatever happens the fans of the show are in for an absolute treat when the season 2 is arrive in the May of this year. 

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