Technology-Based Teaching Aids For Use In A Classroom During A Pandemic

There’s little denying that the final year of lockdown and home learning was the most trying for educators in a generation. Students returning to school has brought forth a slew of new problems. Students wear masks to hide their identities.

We must be more flexible due to a lack of resources and last-minute alterations. Making the leap from “going to school” in your pyjamas to actually attending school is difficult, as seen by the low level of attendance. Honest to God, it’s dead silent. It’s deafeningly quiet here.

My favourite tools to help me get through the COVID doldrums this year are listed below. If you’re a teacher with classroom budget to spare, or if you know one who could use a technology boost, this is what I’d suggest.

Miracle Karaoke’s M37 Bluetooth Microphone

Students’ enthusiasm wanes every time I have to tell them I couldn’t hear them after they provide an eloquent response.

Introducing karaoke equipment, such as Miracle Karaoke’s M37 Bluetooth microphone, to the class can be a lot of fun, but proceed with caution. In a classroom, students haven’t stood up in front of their peers for over a year, so there’s a lot of anxiety to overcome.

With a long battery life and an inbuilt speaker, these mics may also be paired through Bluetooth. There is a small disco-ball light attached to the bottom if you don’t want to deal with the karaoke sound effects.

Hw Haoworks Speakers

This amazing little HW Haoworks speaker box comes in handy when I need to use a mask to project my voice to the back of the room. The microphone is connected via UHF, so it’s clearer and more reliable than a Bluetooth headset. However, Bluetooth is an option as well.

The speaker itself is water-resistant, has a long battery life, and offers a slew of useful features. This is one of my favourite features because it can keep a microSD card full of recordings of lessons for students who are unable to attend class.

As a result of the foam sock in combination with the boom microphone, my speech is transmitted clearly with little or no breath noise.

It’s hard to find anything like the Harman Kardon SoundSticks anywhere else. If you don’t mind spending a little more, then go ahead and get these speakers.

Walking into class, students notice the SoundSticks in front, together with the jellyfish subwoofer under the screen, and their interest is piqued right away. They’re curious about what’s going to happen next, and that’s valuable.


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