Taskmaster’s Alex and Greg reflect on the show’s history and future

In the very beginning of “Taskmaster”, we can hear the words that seems like someone’s sharp ruse to collect as much money as they could. 

Alex Horne is about to announce the winner of “Taskmaster” in Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This game consists of 20 comrades, followed by one additional task per month, Alex Horne is taking up the stage of Edinburgh Festival Finge to announce the taskmaster winner of this season.

Here is the list of top facts related to “Taskmaster” which you can checkout- 

Something about “Taskmaster”:

As it wasn’t meant to be a tv show according to the creator, but after 5 years and 10 seasons later, it seems it was meant to be a show for tv.

Alex Horne said that it might be the main reason for why it worked, because it was not meant to be a television show nad it happened pretty naturally and by chance.

As they were recruiting Greg Davies to be on his large red throne – as the rational and smart Taskmaster – the show’s format needed to tweak a little in order to work for television.

Another show’ addition was the introduction of taskmaster house where contestants would have to film their tasks of the studio shows and where Greg delivers his brutal and whimsical judgement in the presence of live cameras and audience.

Location of the show:

Alex said while finding the famous house that they looked at a variety of different places and it was the smallest place they’ve looked at. They hunted at 3 different locations but his director said that the little place was better as it had a few rooms and little space and it would make the shooting a bit easy. 

And the main reason was that it was near his own house.

Drop down if you are going to watch the show or not and just stay tuned to get further news.


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