Tall Girl 2: February Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything You Need To Know Before Watching!!

Welcome back, readers! Tall Girl is listed among the most successful movies released on Netflix so far. The first installment of the Tall Girl which premiered in 2019, was just amazing and gathered a huge fan base. Now, after almost two years, director Emily Ting, revealed the sequel of the movie which is titled as Tall Girl 2, and will hit the screens soon!

When will the movie land?

The creators recently dropped the release date as well as the trailer clip of the upcoming film. The movie will hit the Netflix screens on 11th February 2022, just three days before the Valentines Day.

And if you missed the trailer of the sequel which was dropped three day ago, then check it out below; https://youtu.be/2-1qlHIhWXE

So, just circle the date 11th February and watch it with your valentine!


As the title says itself, the whole story revolves around an unpopular 6 feet tall girl whose height always embarrass her in front of everyone. In first installment we saw that the high school girl has lack of confidence but in the sequel situation is upside down.

This time Jodi is full of confidence, have a boyfriend and accepted herself in the way she is. But still some situations will come when she feels lost and unhappy, and to check out those happenings watch out the sequel!

What about the casting characters!

Most of the main characters from the first installment will reprise their role in the upcoming film. The main character Ava Michelle is of course seen as tall girl Jodi Kreyman, Griffin Gluck will also sketch the role of her boyfriend Jack Dunkleman and Luke Eisner also play the role of Jodi’s crush Stig Mohlin.

Rest, Steve Zahn, Angela Kinsey, Anjelika Washington, Clara Wilsey, Rico Paris and Sabrina Carpenter will also entertain us in the upcoming film.

Moreover, two new members will also cast in the sequel film. First one is the hot and talented actress Johanna Liauw who plays the role of Stig’s sister named Stella and second is 13 Reasons Why star Jan Luis Castellanos who plays rivalry role for Jodi’s love.  

Stay in touch folks, and don’t forget to meet tall girl once again!

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