T-Mobile data breach exposed phone numbers and call records on online platforms.

According to T-Mobile they had suffered a data breach recently and was exposed online. In this customers’ proprietary network information (CPNI), that includes their call records, their contact phone numbers.

The company notified this last week, using the text message as a medium to inform it’s customers about the security incident. The text message was composed with details regarding the data breach. And how this data breach that affected some of their account information.

However, T-Mobile further provided details regarding this security incident as a notice on its website. Also, the company clarified the entire incident including that its security team recently. That they found “malicious, unauthorized access” to its systems.

Following this, the telecom company also launched an investigation. The investigation was performed with assistance from top cybersecurity forensic experts. The entire investigation was to be made on what actually happened and which type of customer information was exposed.

Customer proprietary Information on Network 

What Gets Exposed- 

The CPNI accessed by hackers exposed data including customers’ phone numbers, and there contact details. However, they observed in some cases, call-related details were also exposed.

What Not Exposed- 

As per there report the exposed data does not include customers’ names, email id’s, addresses, credit card information, financial data, tax IDs, social security numbers, PINs or Passwords. 

Although, earlier in March the telecom company suffered from a data breach which was more severe than this. 

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