“Sweet Magnolias” season 2 release date, cast and plot

We all know that year 2020 was full of disappointments. But as every bads have a good in it, year 2020 was too having. Many series and shows were released which gave web series a new hype. One of those was “Sweet Magnolias”.

And now, season 2 of this most-loved series is about to get release. It gives the definition of how perfect combination of love, friendship and joy looks like which make us even wait more.

Season 1 was ended with car crash during prom nights which left Maddie and Kyle badly injured. But this was not a simple accident. There are some mysteries related to it. Which will be uncovered by Helen and Erik.

You can get glimpse of car accident from here-

There is a lot of mysteries in the series which will be unveiled. For that, you can check on Netflix where season 1 is streaming and season 2 is on the way.

When will it dropped?

Season 2 was about to get streamed on Netflix on 23rd July 2020 but got postponed due to COVID-19. Now, there is no further official information.

In the same year, writer of the series, Sherryl Woods confirmed the release of series pretty soon. She announced on twitter. As known from random sources, the filming and production of series is going on.

So, accordingly, we will get the series by end of 2021

Who will be seen?

List of casts has not been confirmed yet. But it is sure that role of trio friends- Maddie, Dana, and Helen are going to get reprised. They will be back with their love interest- Bill, Cal, Erik, and Ronnie.

As you all have noticed, these are the same cast who were in season 1 as well. But it is quite difficult to say that whether Kyle and Maddie will return after accident or not.

Other casts have not been confirmed. We will update you as soon as the list of casts will be revealed.

What will happen?

The mysterious finale of season 1 is haunting audience. As the season was ended with accident only. What will happen to both teens? Is still a mystery.

But, season 2 is going to reveal another parallel plot. It will show Isaac finding his biological parents. Helen’s want to have her own blood.

What will happen to the group of individuals? We will get the answer by end of this year.

So, are you going to watch the series? Let us know in the comment section.


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