Sweet little family it is…7 Little Johnstons family it is…

The series which solely grabbed all the highest ratings ever is 7 Little Johnstons was previously telecasted in March 31, 2015.

An official announcement has been out now that the 7 Little Johnstons will be having its eighth season from December 29, 2020.

“7 Little Johnstons,” a reality documentary series records the events of a sweet family. What the members have in common is that they all are conditioned with Achondroplasia Dwarfism.

Let’s get to know the sweet family members:

1. Trent Johnston

2. Amber Johnston

3. Jonah Trent Johnston

4. Anna Marie Johnston

5. Elizabeth Renee Johnston

6. Joseph Alex Johnston

7. Emma Lee Johnston

Let’s peep into their actual life:

Amber Trent:

She is the typical representation of motherhood one could say. Amber is completely engaged in the welfare of her children. She spreads positive vibes and brings up her kids in a very healthy way. She being the head of the local parent teacher association and Girl’s Scouts, teaches discipline and moral values to all her kids equally.

Trent Johnston:

He is popularly known as Mr. Fix-It. Trent has taken the job of Ground Supervisor in Forsyth, Georgia. Being the captain of the family, he properly cares for his family and always love to do what his kids always wish to have.

Jonah Johnston:

He is the first kid amidst the five. Jonah is neither bright nor dull but somewhere in between. A teenager who involves in myriad of activities like juggling marching band, driving courses and in IV Soccer too.

Elizabeth Johnston:

Unlike his elder brother Jonah Johnston, she is keen in her work and duties. Of course, a well-disciplined girl moreover she is a hard-working determined and strong-willed student doing her honors.

Anna Johnston:

Her step parents adopted her at a very young age, probably she was four at that time. She’s from Siberia and slowly recovering from the injury of spinal cord.

Alex Johnston:

He is from a place called Seoul. Amidst the other kids, he seems to be an easy go, jovial and funny type kid.

Emma Johnston:

Like Anna Johnson she too was adopted at a very young age five. She is from the Great China. She is an enthusiastic and vibrant child amidst all five.

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