Sustainable business ideas to help your pocket while saving the planet

Sustainability is becoming crucial for businesses. Indeed, 85 per cent of consumers in the UK adopted at least one lifestyle change to become more sustainable last year. As consumers become more interested in sustainability, businesses will have to follow to remain competitive. Plus, sustainable energy can be cheaper for your business: research shows that two-thirds of renewables globally are cheaper than fossil fuels. Read on to explore some sustainable business ideas to get yourself started.

Eco-friendly landscaping

By starting an eco-friendly landscaping business you can boost the environment. If businesses own greenery or land, it can cost them energy and money. However, your professional landscaping business can help them out. You can help businesses pivot towards drought-resistant plants, strategically placed trees and synthetic turf to help them become more sustainable.

Bicycle repair and refurbishing

Bicycle journeys are much better for the environment than car journeys. And by setting up a bicycle repair business you can encourage this form of travel. Plus, by refurbishing and repairing old bikes, you’ll be able to lower the energy costs that would have come from a customer purchasing a new bike. 

Green housekeeping services

There’s plenty of demand for cleaning services in the UK, and you can stand out from the crowd by marketing your business as a green housekeeping service. By emphasising your use of natural and sustainable products as well as your use of green transport, you can boost the environment and run a prestigious cleaning business. 

Upcycled furniture 

Upcycling furniture can be an excellent business idea too. Rather than throwing out your old furniture, you can carry out repairs and improvements to renew the furniture. To remove rust you can carefully use a cordless angle grinder to restore metal furniture to its previous condition. Alternatively, you can reupholster old furniture to give it a new lease of life inside the office. 

Solar panel installation

Many households and businesses are now looking to install solar panels to enjoy renewable energy. You can capitalise on this demand by starting an expert solar panel installation business that can help consumers achieve these goals. 

Organic catering

If food is your passion, then you could use this expertise and combine it with sustainability. By starting a catering business with an emphasis on zero-waste and organic ingredients, you can quickly attract consumers who are looking for catering that won’t impact the environment. 

As consumers become more interested in sustainability, you can capitalize by starting a green business. By following any of the ideas above, or by combing your specialist area with sustainable practices, you’ll be all set to boost the environment and your wallet.


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