The very famous Aventura Band is going to team up with Bad Bunny for a song. The collaboration has got the music industry and music fans talking. Aventura has reunited after a very long time. Bad Bunny is known for its 2018 album X100Pre and Aventura was known for experimenting with genre.

Let’s take a close look at this collaboration and see what it means.


The collaboration comes as a surprise for everyone. The fans are speculating that the collaboration must have been made to make Aventura’s last concert memorable. Bad Bunny has confirmed this thing via his official Instagram handle. Romeo Santos, the lead singer of Aventura has also confirmed the same.

The song that they are working on together has released on 3rd August 2021 at midnight. It is a blend of Bad Bunny and Aventura’s skills. The fans were already excited about the Aventura coming together for the last time and now that the Bad Bunny has joined them, the last concert will take place on 14th August at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.


The song is named Volvi. The song is of the soft genre. It starts with Bad Bunny’s lead and the Aventura’s famous guitar beat can be heard in the background. The official video of the song has been released on Romeo Santos’s youtube channel. So far the song has got 2.1 million views, 532k likes, and 28k comments.

If you haven’t listened to the song yet then please visit the link given below.

It will be sad that such an iconic band like Aventura will part their ways but one must understand that nothing lasts forever, everything comes to an end and instead of being sad about this, and one must look forward in life as life has something better ahead.


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