Stufful and Bewear make their Pokémon Go debut for April’s Community Day event

Pokemon GO fans, it is time to rejoice as the date and time of this year’s April’s Community Day event have been confirmed. That is not all, this year’s event will also be introducing two new Pokemons in the game. Are you excited to know the date, timings and names of the two new Pokemons? You are. Great! Let’s start then with the date and timings of the event.

April Community Day event date and timings

This year, the April’s Community Day eventis going to take place on the 23rd of April 2022. The event will start in the game at 2 PM ET and will end at 5 PM ET.

The major things that will happen in April’s Community Day event include a Special Research story called the Strong Stufful will be made available for players at $1. Only Field Research will be available to players for free. Also, a big box of 30 Ultra Balls will be given to all players for free in the event. Players will also receive 3 times catch XP, double candy catch, and a 50% discount on Stardust for Trades. The most significant thing that will happen during the event is the introduction of the new Pokemons Stufful and Bewear. A detailed overview of these Pokemons and stuff related to them that are in the event follow. 

Stufful and Bewear

So, Stufful is going to be a fighting-type Pokemon. It is a native of the Aloha region. Look wise the Stufful is very adorable and cute. It is literally a furry little ball of joy. Stufful will have an attack stat of 75 and a defense stat of 50. The overall rating of a Stufful is 340. The Bewear is the evolved form of Stufful. Bewear has an attack stat of 125 and a defense stat of 80. The overall rating of a Bewear is 500. Now, what benefits will the players get by catching a Stufful or Bewear. Take a look at that next. 

Benefits of catching Stufful and Bewear

When players will catch a Stufful during the event, they will receive Stufful Candy XL. Also, during the event, the players will have a chance to catch a special Shiny Stufful. Also, if you catch a Bewear or evolve your Stufful into a Bewear then your Bewear will know the special Charged Attack Drain Punch. The only thing that you will have to take into account is that you will have to evolve your Stufful or catch a Bewear within the event time or at least within 2 hours of the event has ended to make sure your Bewear knows the Charged Attack Drain Punch. 

Thus, if you already are not a player of Pokemon GO but are a big fan of Pokemon then download the game on your mobile today itself. The game is available for Android and iOS phones on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store respectively.    

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