Earlier, people were very fond of playing games on PCs. There used to be a large number of games releasing every year and people, especially gamers were crazy about playing them. But now, it seems like the time has changed, the craze that people had for computer gaming, is now changed to mobile gaming. Mobile gaming has taken the gaming platform to the next level with a number of online games, especially the FPS (First Person Shooter) ones.

Every year, A lot of new games release and the previous ones also get updated with new features and innovations. This year, the biggest innovation is ‘Mobile Streaming’. 

Mobile streaming means that rather than installing the game in the system and then playing it, the game will be streaming online through video. The game will run on some computer at a distance and one can play through video streaming where the controls will be passed ahead. 

The games that are running in the market require a high level of system specifications and top end hardware in order to make the game smoothly. Even when one has a phone with those specs, As the game gets updated, it also requires to make hardware updates to make the game run smoothly and every person cannot change they’re for every single time an update comes. 

With new streaming features, the mobile device will not have to be powerful to play the game. It can be played on any phone with good internet connectivity.

There are a number of companies which are working on the new mobile streaming feature. Microsoft is also working on streaming Xbox games directly to a smartphone. They have also tried it and it gave very good results. Google stadia is also allowing its subscribers to stream games on their mobile devices. Amazon Luna is also announced and expected to start streaming soon. Apple has also announced that they will also allow streaming games of the iPhones.

With the 5G coming to new smartphones, it looks like mobile streaming will be a revolutionary change in gaming technology. As internet connectivity won’t be a platform, one will never have any problems in playing high end games in their mobile devices and they will also be able to play a lot of games which were only available for PC.

The mobile streaming will also consume data, a lot of data, so one has to have a good internet package which can provide 4-5 GB of data per day. Though, some games might not work that brilliantly in mobile and there won’t be a good experience in playing them, overall, it is a very good idea. Accept it or not, but this is the future of mobile gaming. 


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