Stranger Things spin-offs are in the works, according to Netflix’s CEO.

Several Stranger Things spin-offs are now in development, according to Netflix, which has hinted that the Upside Down is becoming more expansive.

Stranger Things co-CEO Ted Sarandos described the show as “a franchise in the making” while speaking at the Code Conference earlier this week, and he hinted that spin-off episodes might be in the works.

According to the website, there has been speculation that Eleven actor Millie Bobby Brown may be cast in the lead role in a spin-off series as part of the conditions of her own Netflix deal, which would allow her to star in the series. Millie Bobby Brown has not commented on the speculation.

The Stranger Things season 4 trailer is now accessible to watch on Netflix

Unsurprisingly, Stranger Things has been a big hit for Netflix, and a fourth season is set to be published in the coming months.

Celebrities and entertainment industry insiders were in attendance at Netflix’s TUDUM event in New York City this week, where they were shown a new trailer for the season, titled “Creel House.”

In 2022, Stranger Things season three will come to an end on Netflix

Following the lengthy delay, Shawn Levy, the film’s executive producer, has stated that the fans’ patience would be richly rewarded as a result of the long wait for the picture.

Until then, I’ll just say that we’ve had a lengthy delay and that the Duffers and I are eager to share season four with the world, just as much as the rest of the world is eager to see it “According to The Hollywood Reporter, the incident occurred.

“One of the reasons for the postponing of the launch of season four is the fact that it was planned long before COVID and the pandemic were even a possibility. Our goal with this season was to make it the most ambitious, cinematic, sweeping, and epic season we’d ever done, and it certainly delivered on those goals and expectations.

“The winner was not by a little margin, but by a significant margin. Before we are faced with the challenges, hurdles, and troubles that come with a pandemic, we must first untangle the complexities of Season Four’s complexity. It will be well worth it when it finally arrives, on the other hand, if you can bear the wait.”


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