Stranger Things actor reveals what they know about the fourth season of Stranger Things.

What’s New in Stranger Things Season 4? Natalia Dyer is a well-known Netflix personality. It’s almost time for the new Stranger Things season to arrive on Netflix! But, as Natalia Dyer explained in a recent interview, she is bound by a strict contract with Netflix and cannot discuss the show. 

One of the most recent interviews with Natalia Dyer touched on the subject of her television series. In addition to Stranger Things Season 4, Pandemic pushed back several significant projects. It took a long time for Stranger Things 4 to come out. Everything hinges on whether or not the shooting will begin or end as of just this now.

Nancy Wheeler shared a few items with her supporters. It’s a strict no-no for her to discuss the show. Natalia Dyer plays Nancy Wheeler.

A strict confidentiality agreement with Netflix binds dyer, and she is not even authorised to discuss the film’s premiere date. However, fans’ hopes were not dashed, as the actress did give a few details about the upcoming third season of The Walking Dead.

Even though it was a quick conversation, it was plenty for the fans. She said that the shooting would begin in January 2020. The entire cast travelled to Atlanta, but due to the Pandemic, they had to stop filming.

Shooting a movie or a series takes at least seven months. This was put on hold because of a pandemic. After a brief hiatus, the complete cast and crew returned to the set in September.

Natalia, on the other hand, stayed in character the entire time. As of the right moment, the majority of the shooting and production work is complete. Even though Natalia’s workload has increased, she stated the experience has been enjoyable.

This season’s storyline will be darker and more dramatic, Natalia said. As the story progressed, more mysteries would be revealed, allowing fans to have even more fun.

Long-term anticipation would soon come to an end. On-screen, the series’ last season, which came out two years ago, was a great hit. As a result, there’s a growing sense of urgency among Stranger Things Season 4 Facebook fans.

Stranger Things Season 4 will be released in 2022. While waiting for the new season, viewers may watch their favourite shows on Netflix.


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