Stranger Things 4 created history after it began streaming on Netflix. As soon as volume 2 got uploaded on the streaming giant, season 4 crossed 1 billion within a few hours. Continue reading to read more.

Netflix crashed after Stranger Things season 4 final season got released

Since season 1, Stranger Things has been creating a buzz among the fans. And we must say Duffer Brothers have done an exceptional job in creating this horror series. And the solid fan base has yet again proved their undying love for this series.

The fourth season of Stranger Things is one of the most-watched seasons of the year and it finished earlier this month. Apart from this, the entire season has become a part of elite shows which are one of the most-watched on Netflix.

So some sources reported that Netflix crashed for a short period as soon as millions of Stranger Things Fans rushed to this streaming site to watch Season 4 volume 2 which is the final episode of the season. As soon as the second part went live, many countries noticed instant crashes.

And as per the streaming giant’s internal tracking, the global streaming of the fourth season of the show reached more than billions within a few hours. This happened after two final episodes were released of the onion season on July 1, 2022. And various experts say that it is the first English TV series and the second overall to cross one billion views within a certain period.

To be precise, Stranger Things season 4 now has 1.5 billion views which includes both parts of season 4. The first part gathered 930.32 million hours in the first 28 days whereas the 8th and the 9th episode garnered 301.28 million within a few hours. These views were recorded during the period from June 27 to July 3.

Moreover, the last two episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 contributed to the overall views and collected nearly three-quarters (73 percent) last week. And history has always been the evidence that all previous seasons of this show have continuously remained in the top 10 on the most famous streaming platform’s English language list for more than a month. So the same thing has happened with the new season.

Stranger Things views have come closer to Squid Game views

There is another series on Netflix that has gained views billions, and that is Squid Game. According to the sources, it garnered 1.65 billion hours in the first season itself. So it means Stranger Things season 4 view has come closer to the Korean blockbuster series.


The weekly rankings of the Stranger Things season 4 are weekly recorded. And now, after the sad ending, fans are waiting for the new season. We will keep you posted if we find anything related to Stranger Things.


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