In today’s topic, we are going to talk about Sterling K. Brown discussing Randall Pearson’s journey in the This Is Us series. In the sixth episode titled “Birth Mother” of the fifth season, Randall uncovered his birth mother and he couldn’t travel to her hometown of New Orleans due to a pandemic.

He was also seen exploring the city where his dying father (Ron Cephas Jones) grew up. Keep reading to find out how the Black child raised in a white family.

Randall has been struggling to find his real identity in his white family. In the latest season, he is seen finding more about his identity. In Randall’s mind, he believes that those who did not want you or love you would end up dropping you off.

So he knows that Laurel loved him would mean the world to him. When he was at the lake, you could look into two ways. One way is that he is acting out in a place of rebirth, or a sacred place of cleanliness. The second way is that his mother visited him and told him that she loves him, and he could hear her and reciprocated the same love to her. The encounter may make him believe that something exists beyond the five senses, and that will shape his journey in the rest of the series.

Due to COVID, the cast and crew were unable to travel to New Orleans, so the episode was written by Kay Oyegun and Eboni Freeman, which showed an insight into Laurel’s life. From her upbringing to the birth of Randall, everything was revealed. Randall’s birth father, William (Cephas Jones), believed that Laurel died in childbirth, but she was in prison for a few years for taking drugs.

After returning, she was ashamed of herself and afraid to make contact with her son Randall. In the ending scene of the episode, Randall was seen swimming in the lake of a Louisiana farmhouse where his birth mother swam when she was a kid. He realized that the farmhouse belonged to him.

In one episode, Randall revealed to his therapist that he knows his mothers died in childbirth, and he has made peace with it. Though he is a bit frustrated with Rebecca for keeping some things from him, he still loves her. When Randall realized his mother, he was like why she did not show up and why she did not want to be a part of his child’s life.

All the queries got solved in the episode written by Eboni Freeman and Kay Oyegun. The viewers could understand the shame Laurel was carrying inside, and it was beautifully portrayed in the episode. She felt guilty for overdosing, for being arrested, for being imprisoned for five years. She did not want to introduce herself to his son in such a way, so she never tried to be in touch with him.

Final Words

Brown made some biggest revelations of This Is Us season 5. We believe that his mother being alive and his identity will affect his character’s arc and might heal him from within in the future of the series. The series airs on NBC at 9 pm on Tuesdays. Keep an eye on our website for more news about this show.


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