Stephen Amell, star of Arrow, sustained an unexpected injury on the set of Heels

After suffering a back injury while filming Heels, star Stephen Amell is on the mend. The actor is most known for his eight seasons on The CW’s Arrow, in which he played vigilante Oliver Queen. Arrow got positive reviews from reviewers and fans alike, with Amell receiving acclaim for his nuanced depiction of the wealthy hero.

Despite the fact that his time as Oliver Queen has come to an end, Amell has been cast in the Starz drama Heels. The event will take place in Georgia and will focus on the indie wrestling business. According to reports, the series would follow brothers Jack (Amell) and Ace Spade (Alexander Ludwig) as they fight over their father’s inheritance. While Jack is fully committed to maintaining the family company, Ace is willing to leave their little village at any time.

According to Deadline, Amell sustained a back injury while filming Heels. When the actor’s back was injured, he was in the middle of a stunt. Amell’s injuries was assessed by a physician and stunt coordinators right afterwards, and he is now recovering at home. Heels’ production has not been harmed and will continue while Amell heals. The following is Starz’ comment on Amell’s back injury:

Stephen Amell’s back was injured while doing a stunt on the set of Heels this week. He is presently resting and healing at home following a medical checkup in preparation for his return to set.”

Amell’s experience on Heels hasn’t been easy, as the actor recently disclosed that he acquired COVID-19 during filming. Amell stated that his COVID diagnosis surprised him, especially since he had always followed health and safety standards and had previously tested negative. Amell has subsequently recovered completely, although he has just lately returned to set.

To that end, while it’s terrible that Amell is missing again due to a back ailment, the actor must take as much time as he needs to fully recover. It’ll be fascinating to watch how Amell interprets Jack Spade in his own unique way. Given that Heels is a film about indie wrestling, Amell will almost certainly execute a number of stunts in the ring. This is fairly apt, considering Amell has not only wrestled in the past, but Arrow was renowned for being a fast-paced, action-packed show.

As a result, it’s somewhat unsurprising that Amell is currently working on a similar project. Above all, it’s critical that Amell remains safe on set and recovers completely from his recent injuries.


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