Five, Six, Seven, Eight!! What? I ain’t forgetting any math. This is how dancers count! Speaking of Dancers and ‘Step Up’ doesn’t strike to our minds; it’s something like thinking about the sun ignoring all its heat.

‘Step Up: High Water’ is a dance-drama, American Television series inspired by the film franchise of ‘Step Up’. The creator of this TV series is Holly Sorensen. ‘Step Up: High Water’ was first released on 31st January 2018 on YouTube Red, presently, YouTube Premium. The series was ordered by YouTube to compete with the OTT’s of that time like Netflix and Hulu.

When does Step Up Season 3 step in the Screens?

There is not any official date unveiled yet for the release of the third season of ‘Step Up’. The show would be likely to start filming in January 2021. The third season is going to be ten episodes long. The premiere date of the Step Up season 3 would fall in the end months of 2021.

Meet the Cast!

The ‘Step Up’ show stars the Superstar, Rock and Band singer and dancer Ne-Yo as Sage Odom. We can see faces like Faizon Love, Terrene Green, Jade Chynoweth, Eric Graise, Petrice Jones, Marcus Mitchell, and Lauy=ryn McClain.

What is expected from the third season?

The storyline of ‘Step Up’ pivots around Tal and Janelle who shifted to Atlanta from Ohio. High Water is a performing arts school where these twins try to walk shoulder by shoulder with the school mates. They long to prove themselves good friend colleagues and students and overcome many difficulties in settling in the school. The show is about chasing their dreams with perseverance. In the third season, Sage Odom’s and Colette’s relationship would be in highlights. They may face adversaries who want to destroy the school, High Water. 

The third season of ‘Step Up’ will premiere on the Starz app as the Lions Gate production company moved production from YouTube to Starz. Meanwhile, ‘High Water’ is dropped from the title of ‘Step Up’.


Step Up TV series is full of dance. Fans of this show state that the dancing is better than the movies in the show. Season three of ‘Step Up’ will premiere on Starz, raising the expectations of the viewers for it to be more exceptional than the previous ones. You can watch the previous seasons on YouTube Premium. Share your thoughts with us!

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