Starstruck Season 3 Release Date: Renewed Or Cancelled At Netflix?

Starstruck season fans were so excited after seeing season two that they couldn’t wait to see what season three had in store for them. When will Starstruck’s third season premiere? Is this one of the most frequently requested questions? Since its premiere in April of 2021, this show has been lauded for its acerbic sense of humor, amazing acting, and in-depth insight into today’s millennial culture. Now that the second season has ended, fans of this comedy film must be wondering if the program will be revived for a third season. 

We’ve got your back if you’re asking the same thing we are.

Overview of the show

Jessie, a New Zealander who works two jobs to make ends meet in Paris, is the female lead of the show, a comedy series by Rose Matafeo. On a wild New Year’s Eve, a one-night stand with an unforeseen consequence unfolds in this comedy-drama. Her evening’s mystery dinner partner is revealed to be popular Bollywood actor Tom Kapoor. As the two fall in love, their lives take on the appearance of a modern-day fairy tale.

Expected release date

The launch date for the third series of Starstruck season 3 has yet to be announced by BBC Three. As of right now, Starstruck’s third season has not been renewed. On March 24, 2022, the whole second season of ‘Starstruck’ debuted on HBO Max. The Walking Dead’s second season began in the United Kingdom on BBC on February 7, 2022, a year before it aired in the United States. Divided into six episodes, the second season each of which lasts 21 minutes.

Given the show’s expanding worldwide popularity and high critical praise, plus the launch of the 2nd series only after a few months of the show’s launch in its home country, it looks optimistic that we won’t have to wait for much longer for the next series. So, we may expect the launch of the third season of this show by the 1st or the 2nd quarter of 2023. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the show goes as planned and the channel continues the show.

The cast

  • Jessie’s character is acted by Rose Matafeo, the show’s creator
  •  Tom Kapoor is played by Nikesh Patel.
  • Emma Sidi plays Kate, Jessie’s best friend and roommate. 
  • Other cast members featured in the show include Jon Trying as Dan, Joe Barnes as Joe, Nic Sampson as Steve, Lola Rose Maxwell as Sarah, and Nadia Parkes as Sophie Diller.

The plotline of season 3

Season 3 could show the couple’s renewed efforts to incorporate each other into each other’s lives. Jessie’s struggle with Tom’s life as a film star has been a frequent issue in the show, and it has already produced a lot of friction. Will Jessie’s struggle to adapt to the elevated lifestyle be a recurring theme in subsequent episodes? They’ve come a long way from the beginning of their relationship, and we’re excited to see them grow closer in the future. Undoubtedly, Jessie and Tom are indeed the story’s defining endings, and their story leaves us wanting more.

We are pretty sure that everybody is eager for the release of the next season. But, do you think at the end of season 3, will the protagonists break up?

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