The popularity of the indie game Stardew Valley is on the rise since the game’s release in 2016. The game was developed by a single creator Eric Barone. The players were amazed with the new type of game of its own kind. To keep players amazed, Eric has recently released the new 1.5 update of the game for PC players. What does it contain? A lot!


 The new 1.5 update of the game has a lot to offer. To start off, the new update has introduced a new Ginger Island. The island includes a volcano dungeon, new mini games, Qi challenges, an new farmhouse that is unlockable, resort, gem birds, 10 new enemies and the Island Obelisk building. 

Talking about the new fixes, the 1.5 update claims to fix the immovable dressers, ducks that did not swim in water and many more. More new features include weapon enchanting, combining rings, new crops, trees, fertilizers, fishes, hats, shoes and furniture. The overall outlook of the game has changed. New menu styles have been introduced. 

A lost and found centre has been made in the game for items that get lost in the game while playing it. The multiplayer department has also been improved. Improvements include, new chat messages, flexible event locations, new local split screen, better slingshot controls, simplified bulk actions and better game physics. 

Other minor changes and improvements include the ability to save game by farm name, improved dinosaurs, the timer saying final day on the last day of a quest, and a lot of bugs in single and multiplayer game mode.

On a whole update 1.5 is a win-win situation for everyone. The game is a lot smoother now. 

If you are considering to become the newest player of this game then go to Steam as right now the game is available there at 33% off! 

Happy gaming!


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