Did you know that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s Pasaana was a bit different? Recent concept art shows that the desert planet was a wetland. Shocking right? As we all know, the franchise has shown various desert world, and one of the prominent planets are Jakku and Tatooine.

In the final instalment, the film crew decided to create another planet called Pasaana. On that planet, Rey and her crew encountered Lando Calrissian. During their brief encounter, they convinced him to return to the Resistance. Viewers also saw a speeder chase sequence on that particular planet. Despite all this, the creators selected a similar backdrop to their old movies.

Now it turns out, during the film’s production, Pasaana was a different planet. Recently, Phil Saunders, who is a concept artist, shared the early version of the planet. He shared the art on his ArtStation page. In his art, the desert land was known as a wetland planet. It also had a shipping lane pirates frequent. You can take a look at the drawing of the planet below.


Rise of Skywalker Pasaana early concept art

We have no clue why the filmmakers had to change the planet before the production. But if it remained the wetland, then it would have been interesting to see what would happen next. It would have been a different backdrop compared to other planets in the Star Wars films as well. Apart from that, it would have made a beautiful visual for the fans. 

Saunders said that the speeder chase could have still happened here. Moreover, the original planet would have made the set-piece tenser. The characters would have to travel through the village and head off into mangroves. As per his revelation, it feels like Saunders is planning to turn this Pasaana concept real in future films and series. It will be interesting to watch if he sheds light on how the story and characters have changed over time.

Final Words

The concept art of Pasaana is three years old. It was drawn in 2017, before the production of the Rise of Skywalker. If you are disappointed that this idea did not appear in the film, then don’t be! Because this film franchise has a history of revisiting concept art and taking ideas from it in future projects. If you have watched all the films and read about the concept art, then you might know how it was taken in the new movies. 

We will be back with more entertaining news, so stay tuned.


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