Star Wars: How Dave Filoni Saved Anakin Skywalker

American Film director David Filoni has been a part of the show Star Wars for a long time. If I ask you what is Dave Filoni’s greatest achievement for Star Wars. What will you say? Probably, the one where he interrogates Anakin Skywalker as he moves inches toward his inescapable Darth Vader Faith.

Dave Filoni saved Anakin Skywalker! See How

David Filoni’s contribution to the Star Wars is uncountable. He has been so good for the Star Wars Franchise. His greatest achievement is still continued to be the interrogation of Anakin Skywalker. Even actor Hayden Christensen is thankful to Filoni as he reemergence the character in the story.

It shows a young man destined to become Darth Vader which contains one of the richest backstories you know in the entire Star Wars mythology. We can assume that the complexity of Star Wars character is due to Filoni’s contribution to the Clone Wars series. It can be seen in Star Wars Episode II and Star Wars Episode III.

Now, the trilogy follows a young Anakin Skywalker in his initial days before he transformed into Vader. Many blamed Christensen for the poor reception which was unfair. It was difficult for any actor to play such a monumental and mysterious character and truly Christensen’s job was complicated and he did well he just needed some more time on the screen. 

The release of the Clone War series proved a crucial time in Anakin Skywalker and his life began to emerge. He fills the gaps in between and made some memorable moments. Filoni came up with a series alone to define the character of Anakin Skywalker, especially during the war. He served the Jedi there, his powerful orders made him a magnificent general.

Filoni’s Clone Wars defines Anakin’s relation with various characters. For an instance take the example of Anakin and his wife, how Anakin’s jealousy resulted in damaging their relations. Filoni can be said as the representative of the New Era of Star Wars. He thinks for every character and its evolution.

Filoni’s work in defining character like Darth Vader is just surprising. It is great to see a character like him is evolving over the period. Thus Disney+ has continued with Dave Filoni for its upcoming bigger projects as Dave can take Star Wars far from the galaxy.


Yeah, Filoni has saved Anakin’s character. Well, he deserves the credit for the success of Star Wars. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us.


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