The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a very famous one n teh movies industry and is constantly growing and they ahve a number of heroes that have been introduced in the last decade of their filmmaking. 

One of the Avenger set to have a meaty role in Phase Four is Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch, who is starring in both WandaVision and Doctor Strange‘s sequel. And it turns out that we have Star Wars to thank for Olsen’s casting. She has made her debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron where she eventually teams up with the avengers. 

She then appeared in Captain America: Civil War and the last two Avengers movies. And it came to be known that Star Wars inspired her to join a major blockbuster like the MCU. She recently explained, “It was actually a funny decision I had put out in the world. I talked to my agent, my manager who are like my other mothers. I just love them so much. And I told them, ‘I want to be considered for the projects that I grew up …’ – like, as a kid, looking at Star Wars and I was obsessed with Star Wars.

You couldn’t peel me away from Star Wars as a child. And so I was trying to figure out, how do I start putting that out there because I feel like all I’m getting are these really disturbed women in independent films. [Now] it’s just a disturbed woman in a big franchise! They said take meetings with the people who run these companies and so I literally did. I met with Kevin [Feige] and a couple other people that were working there at the time. And then I met with the people who were running Legendary at the time. And there were a few others in different places.”

After years of playing Wanda Maximoff she is finally leading her own project with Wanda Vision. For Olsen specifically, her love for Star Wars inspired her to step into very different projects. And while Marvel wasn’t the only meeting she took, the fandom is no doubt thrilled that the series of events brought the actress’ version of Scarlet Witch to the big screen.

After Wanda Vision she will be seen in many more future MCU movies and we are excited to see how her character develops further in the years to come. 


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