Are you also a fan of the squid game?

Well, Hwang Dong’s hit drama has broken Netflix’s watch record and is generating a lot of buzzes online.

It has given the show an absolute volume of mysteries and secrets in Squid Game, it’s no wonder that audiences had already started coming up with their Theory claims.

Squid Game is recognized for using symbolic meanings in its colors and shapes.

 And, that there’s no mystery that its use of numbers has sparked speculation.

Seong Gi-hun, the lead character of the Squid Game, is player number 456 because he’s the last member to join the game, but there is still a theory that perhaps the number means more.

Many fans have speculated on the theory of number 456.

Do you want to know the theories behind the number 456 and why only Seong Gi hun get that number?

So, let’s get started!


 Well, every participant is provided a number in season 1, episode 1, in which they discover matches to the order in which they were selected.

Gi-hun is player 456 before he decides to join the game, but he gets to know it for the first time just before the game begins in Episode 1.

The number 456 is used throughout the show, as the prize winnings total 45.6 billion won.

This is also the security code Gi-hun uses to withdraw the money after he wins.

Many fans also said that Gi-hun is participant 456 not only because he’s the last to participate and the last one standing.

But, also because he is intended to draw Squid Game’s shadowy establishment to a climax.

Seong Gi-hun is the central character so, he had to be the winner of Squid Game in season 1.

 But if this theory also applies to season 2?

Well, for that we have to wait for season 2.

So, stay tuned for form information related to the squid game!

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