Square Enix Is investing In blockchain-based Games

Square Enix is funding decentralized blockchain games. Although blockchain-based game features have largely been ignored, a major publisher has recently come out in support of them. According to CNBC, CEO Yosuke Matsuda stated in a New Year’s letter that decentralized games using blockchain technology will be a “major strategic theme” for Square Enix beginning in 2022. Matsuda did not reveal any titles, but he did hint at the use of distributed technology in future releases.

Matsuda stated that token economies would be implemented when asked about the company’s plans for “self-sustaining game growth.” Despite the fact that the leader was aware that many people would be skeptical, he was confident that at least some gamers wanted to “play for contribution.” Blockchain games should encourage players to create their own content rather than relying on “goodwill and volunteer spirit.” To put it another way, the idea is that users will create items in order to earn points.

Square Enix games

Matsuda did not explicitly state that NFTs would be included in Square Enix games. He predicted that as these tokens became more mainstream, the “overheated trading” would subside. NFTs will be available in the company’s games at some point.

Square Enix would keep an eye on the market and adapt as necessary. When asked about the possibility of issuing its own cryptocurrency, the company’s president sounded upbeat. The market’s reaction is still ambiguous. Even a major publisher like Ubisoft has struggled with early NFT sales of games, and Square Enix’s lineup, even with hit series like Final Fantasy, does not guarantee a better outcome.

Square Enix aims to make long-term investments in token economies.

In addition, Square Enix’s president discussed the company’s aspirations to create blockchain-based games.

He said in his most recent letter that they will incorporate token economies into their new titles. Users, he claims, will be able to construct self-sustaining games if they embrace a pay-to-play model.

In other news, there is currently a significant outage on the “Fortnite” servers. Cheats, on the other hand, have been permanently banned from “PUBG: Mobile.”

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