Splinterlands Hits Millions on Card Sales, Reaches 2B Games Played

The gaming community is slowly becoming very NFT and cryptocurrency-based. Various games based on cryptocurrency reward systems are making big gains in the market.

One such game is Splinterlands. The trading card games have made it big in the headlines by reaching two significant milestones.

So, What are the milestones, and how big they are? Answers to these questions and more coming up right now. 

Splinterlands milestones 

Splinterlands is played by almost 400K people recently reached the milestone of 2 billion games being played by its players. This is a very big milestone indeed and this milestone has helped the game to achieve one more milestone. With 2 billion games being played, the cards sale for the game has crossed the 1 million mark.

The game celebrated these milestones by holding the special 1 million unboxing events.

Through the event, game assets worth 1 million were given away. Balthazar, who partnered with the game for the event, also gave away 3000 Balthazar scholarships to players along with 1 BCX gold foil card through a lottery.

Thus, it is easy to say that the game has established itself nicely. Seeing the success of the game, one might wonder who all are the people behind the game. Let’s take a look at it next.

About Splinterlands 

The card trading game is the brainchild of Matthew Rosen, founder and current CTO of Splinterlands. Larissa Senties Ibarra is the character designer and illustrator of the game. Richard Adleta is the chief technology officer. Bob Binion is the chief of engineering with Jesse Reich as the current CEO.

The game was launched by these groups of people in partnership with Yield Guild Games, TechMeets Trader, Side Door Ventures, Mask Network, Gate.io, Enjin, Digital Asset Capital Management, Blockchain Founders Fund, and Animoca Brands on 27th July 2021. Till now the game has generated a revenue of $3.6 million.

Now having know about the origin of the game, let’s discuss the gameplay of the game briefly. 

Gameplay of Splinterlands 

The gameplay of Splinterlands is simple enough. It is like any other cards trading and battle game. Players fight against each other in online PvP card games. There are more than 500 cards in the game. The cards are divided into four types which are Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each card has about 7-character stats and one of the 7 elements is mentioned on every card.

Together the cards have more than 64 abilities. The best thing is that players can win actual money through in-game tournaments, quests, and ranked play.

Also, the cryptocurrency wallet of the game is designed in such a way that if you have another cryptocurrency like Tron, Ethereum, and WAX, then you can use them in Splinterlands thanks to its cross-compatibility. This means that at the very start of the game itself, your in-game funds can be full. 

Therefore, if you want to try out the game then go to the following link, you can check directly on the Splinterlands website.

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