The latest Hitman game, the Hitman 3 has set the world of stealth agent centric games on fire. Ever since its release on 20th January 2021, fans are not stopping the praise and applaud for the new game. The thing that has clicked the most is a kind of an old feature present in the new game and people are saying that maybe Splinter Cell games will return!


The old feature that has clicked for Hitman 3 is the ghost mode of the game. The mode was present in older Hitman games as well like in Hitman 2 but what sets apart these two games by IO Interactive is the fact that the mode has been used superbly by Hitman 3. To make the single-player game more fun, Hitman 3 offers a spectacular line-up of levels that have amazing replay value. Hitman 3 has been received well by the series fans. Game Rant has given 4.5 stars out 5 to the new game and IO Interactive’s CEO has proudly proclaimed the success of the game both commercially and emotionally.


The ghost focused gaming was first introduced by Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Ubisoft’s major stealth agent game. The game got released in 2013 and was not a commercial or emotional success. There is a lot of resemblance in the game play of Splinter Cell: Blacklist. In addition to the ghost focused gaming, the 2013 game also offers the same assault style single-player game play. Even after all of this the game did not sell out as a hot cake. Hitman 3 has shown the right way of doing ghost related things and fans of stealth agent games are hoping that Ubisoft will take notes and come out with a better Splinter Cell game like the well known Splinter Cell: Conviction and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

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