According to Ashwini Vaishnav, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, digital services will be made more accessible to the country’s remote areas through the use of space technology and telecommunications.

The industry was urged to research global best practices and make recommendations that could be used in developing enabling legislation in order to ensure that reforms and healthy competition are maintained in the sector, the Minister stated.

Although there is no doubt that space and telecommunications can help us reach previously inaccessible places, such as forested areas and tribal areas in far-flung places… such as our country’s northwestern regions, Himalayan sections, and desert areas… there are many of these areas where traditional methods have failed to provide digital services, which I hope space technologies will be able to reach in the future,” he explained further.

Space And Telecommunications Combination

Space Technology And Telecommunications Will Bring Digital Services To Remote Areas And Aid In Inclusive Development.
Space And Telecommunications Combination

At an Indian Space Association event, Minister said that space and telecommunications, when combined, would contribute “significantly” to inclusive development.

Accordig to him, the fields of space and telecommunications are inextricably linked, particularly in terms of spectrum allocation. After being questioned about this “complex subject,” the Minister acknowledged that it was so and urged industry leaders to research global best practises and develop Indian benchmarks for it.

“We’re a government that’s willing to hear what people have to say. The goal is to restructure the industry in order to make it more equitable for all players to participate. As a company, we believe that healthy competition in the industry is beneficial. Please let us know your thoughts so that we can develop a policy.” Vaishnaw was also in attendance, as was the rest of the group.


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