Sony’s new Xperia Pro can be turned into an External Monitor-

After the arrival of Sony’s latest and high spec 5G competent, it’s now easier for professional videographers and photographers to create and shoot best quality video and images. 

The new Xperia Pro comes with an HDMI connector, which is the world’s first smartphone to feature this. Apart from this it also supports 5G mmWave that list out it out among the best 5G smartphones. There’s also a 5G Sub-6 for data transfer, for high speed transferring. 

With a dedicated HDMI input support, it allows users to connect this Xperia Pro smartphone to connect with other HDMI input devices. This device includes Sony Alpha cameras or other HDMI input support camera. This allows the camera to perform a real-time broadcast with a 5G data link. 

Apart from this what’s interesting with this Xperia Pro HDMI input is you can transform it into a 6.5 inch 4K OLED monitor. You will find that Sony’s preinstalled External Monitor will feature a screen through a host application software. Additional to this external monitor will support all that a smartphone offers like- screen brightness adjustment, adjustable grid lines, zoom capabilities, high-speed internet support and many more. 

Xperia Pro- 

The USB-C port in Xperia Pro not limited to charging but also enhance the speed and resilience. This USB-C port supports a high-speed image file transfers from camera to phone with a simple plugin. Using the FTP server the image can easily get transferred from the Alpha camera. 

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