Sony PlayStation VR2

Following a considerable rundown of tales, CES 2022 saw the authority declaration of Sony’s forthcoming cutting-edge equipment pointed toward making computer-generated reality encounters. Named ‘Playstation VR2,’ the gadget is relied upon to take VR gaming to a higher level, “empowering a more prominent feeling of quality” and by and large drenching. The organization likewise presented the new regulator, which includes a comparable naming plan as its PS5 partner – PS VR2 Sense.

Playstation VR2 delivery date

Sony had affirmed by means of a blog entry in February, last year, to be fostering the PS VR2, and that it won’t see a 2021 send-off. Sony didn’t share an authority delivery date during CES 2022 either, however, a Bloomberg report focuses on a Holiday send-off.

Equipment investigator Brad Lynch likewise affirmed that the units are entering large-scale manufacturing soon, under Chinese maker, Goertek. The dates could in any case be liable to delay, however, considering the worldwide chip deficiencies, which is as of now making Sony a battle with the Playstation 5 deals.

PlayStation VR2 details and highlights

Sony has not uncovered how much the PS VR2 headset gauges, yet it is stacked with very good quality specs. First of all, it offers a consistent 4K HDR experience with an OLED board goal of 2000 x 2040 for every eye. Same as its archetype, the FOV (field of view) will be restricted to 110-degrees and elements a 90 to 120Hz invigorate rate.


Current-day augmented reality frameworks expect cameras to be set up in one or the other corner of the space for following, stature changes, and setting up a battleground. The PS VR2 headset, notwithstanding, is outfitted with 4 coordinated cameras that track your hand and regulator development. Any sort of head slant or move will likewise be distinguished and reflected onto your personality in-game.

Notwithstanding spatial 3D Audio, Sony has carried out foveated delivering that changes pixel thickness relying upon your center point. The eye-trackers inside the headset just spotlight on the fovea of one’s eye and augment the goal. All that external will seem a piece foggy and pixelated.

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