Photography and Videography market has completely changed in recent years. The time has gone where a few cameras were there and not everyone could afford it. Every second or third person today owns a camera, and with such a wide range of cameras available, you can easily choose your required one. There are lots of other devices also which have been introduced in recent years like 360 cameras, GoPro, Drones which have taken videography to another level. Sony, one of the best camera lens manufacturers, is also working on making a new drone camera.

A lot of rumours have been heard about Sony’s upcoming drone. But the official drone Sony Airpeak is the most anticipated one which was announced in November 2020. There are companies like DJI and Skydio who have already taken a huge market share, Sony will have to make sure that their product nails the market. Though there is not much information about what kind of drone Sony will release, we can expect that the camera quality of the drone is surely going to be the best.


As per Sony’s official announcement, the Airpeak project is expected to launch in spring 2021. So as the project starts, we will get to know more about the drone. 

As per the products available from competitors, the entry level might be priced around $250, mid-range at $750 and the top end variant at around $2499.


So far, Sony has been very careful about the product and hasn’t revealed anything. But as per the latest announcements and the registered Sony patents, we can expect some things. The drone will be related with AI Robotics to some extent. 

According to the teaser of the drone by Sony, it shows a spinning rotor through which the drone will fly in the air. 

We don’t really know why Sony is coming with a drone after so long when other drones are already dominating the market. Maybe because many of the top drones in the market use Sony’s lens so Sony might have thought that why can’t they make a drone with their lens itself.

There are a lot of questions which are still to be answered. Let’s hope that we find more about the drone in the next few months. So, how excited are you to try your hands on the new Sony drone?


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