The smartphone industry of late has been dominated by Apple and Chinese manufactures. Best-in-class companies like LG and HTC lost their way in the rapidly developing smartphone market. They could keep up with the competition. Only Sony is still there legitimately in the market.

Why did LG fail and what did Sony do right to stay afloat?

 All is explained below.


LG for long was the go-to choice for people looking to buy a new phone. They were affordable and of good quality. But when the smartphones came in, LG lost its way. No doubt LG also released smartphones, but they were never up to the standard set by the new Chinese manufactures.


 The Chinese manufactures had a wide variety of phones suitable for a big target market. LG released new phones in quick succession and sadly not a single model clicked mainly because some were too experimental in nature or too expensive when compared to the Chinese brands.

 That was roughly around 2010. In ten year’s time, LG just never succeeded in the smartphone market and now LG has announced that they will discontinue making smartphones.


Now Sony in today’s time is not that popular as a smartphone brand but still, they are there. Back in the day, around 2010, Sony rocked the smartphone market with their Xperia series. Over the years they made the Xperia smartphones better.

 The phones feature the Sony Bravia display and excellent phone speakers. Because of these features, Sony was able to create a niche of dedicated buyers who wanted excellent display and sound in the phones despite the high tag price.

The result is that, by just focusing on a single phone series, Sony is still there in 2021. Its dedicated buyers are still buying the new Sony Xperia 1 III. Thus LG failed because they focused on many products and Sony survived because it did one thing only


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