Sony has recently launched their new lens, Sony A1 which is one of the greatest mirrorless cameras ever. As per Sony, the new lens will never make you compromise with anything. 

The camera is undoubtedly the best by the company and the best mirrorless camera ever. There will be three pro cameras in the single one. there will be one through which you will be able to shoot sports photos with 30 fps speed, a 50 megapixel landscape camera and 8k for taking video.

Even after so much of features, the size of the camera is small. Despite having such a great lens, the Sony A1 is similar to Sony A7S III in terms of size. The camera will also be a little smaller as compared to the Canon 1DX Mark III.


Even though Sony claims the device to be the best of the company, there are a lot of things where the previously launched A7S III is way better than the A1. Also, the new product is also very expensive and it won’t be possible for a large number of camera lovers out there to buy it. With a price of a whopping $6500, it is really beyond the reach of nearly everyone.

Even if Sony’s new camera couldn’t stand as per the expectations, it has somewhat broken the boundaries with a really impressive results in hybrid shots and videography.

If you are a photographer, you might know that choosing the right camera is a tough job. But still all you need to do is to make sure that what you need is with the camera. A normal camera choice consists of 5 factors for consideration- Speed, Resolution, Size, Video and price. If all these factors are carefully sorted out, then you’ll be able to buy the best camera for you without much confusion.

The Sony A1 is really a great camera when it comes to the performance though it’s very expensive but if you are a photographer and you can afford it, you should go for this one.


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