Son of Yaser Said, FBI Ten Most Wanted ‘honor killings’ suspect, pleads guilty to concealing him

The child of an FBI Ten Most Wanted fugitive sought for the “honor killings” of his young girls has confessed to assisting his dad with avoiding law enforcement for over 12 years, investigators state. 

Islam Yaser-Abdel Said, a 32-year-old from Irving, Texas, is presently looking for as long as thirty years in government jail, as indicated by the U.S. Lawyer’s Office of the Northern District of Texas. 

“Islam Said focused on the impulses of his dad, a supposed executioner, over equity for his sisters,” U.S. Lawyer Prerak Shah said in a proclamation. “On account of the hounded work of the FBI and its law requirement accomplices, nonetheless, Mr. Said’s endeavors were at last to no end.” 

Islam Said left, has conceded for the current week to aiding his dad, Yaser, right, sidestep law requirement, examiners state. (Irving Police Department) 

Islam Said left has conceded for the current week to aiding his dad, Yaser, right, dodge law authorization, investigators state. (Irving Police Department) (Irving Police Department) 

Yaser Abdel Said – a Texas taxi driver – was caught in August 2020 after going through years on the FBI’s “Main Ten” rundown of most-needed outlaws. 

His better half, Patricia “Tissie” Owens, revealed to Fox News that her kid spouse had gotten troubled, after discovering that his little girls Amina and Sarah, ages 18 and 17, individually, had begun dating non-Muslims. 

Owens said the family was observing New Year’s Day 2008 when Yaser Abdel Said welcomed Amina and Sarah out to eat. 

“I disclosed to him I needed to go with him,” Owens said. “He said ‘No, I simply need to converse with the young ladies and we’ll be back shortly.’ I didn’t consider anything.’  she said. 

Yaser Abdel Said revealed to Owens that he would be taking their girls to a nearby Denny’s, however rather drove them to Irving, where he purportedly shot them inside his acquired taxi in what was portrayed as “honor killings.” 


Honor killings are ordinarily done on a relative who is thought to have humiliated family members. These sorts of killings and savagery, which regularly see men defraud spouses and little girls on account of conduct that has some way or another offended their confidence, are among the most clandestine wrongdoings in the public eye, specialists disclosed to Fox News in 2015. 

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“Instances of honor killings and additionally brutality in the U.S. are regularly unreported due to the disgrace it can cause to the person in question and the casualty’s family,” Farhana Qazi, a previous U.S. government examiner and senior individual at the Center for Advanced Studies on Terrorism, had said. “Additionally, because casualties are frequently young ladies, they may feel that detailing the wrongdoing to specialists will cause an excessive amount to notice the family perpetrating the wrongdoing.” 

The U.S. Lawyer’s Office said in articulation this week that Yaser Abdel Said’s child, Islam, has conceded to one check of intrigue to disguise an individual from capture, one tally of covering an individual from capture, and one tally of trick to discourage an authority continuing. 

“Contriving with his uncle, Yassein Said, Islam Said held his dad, Yaser, inside a loft in Bedford, Texas, where an upkeep specialist spotted Yaser on Aug. 14, 2017,” the workplace said. 

After that specialist advised the FBI, Islam Said would not help out a specialist dispatched to talk with him and rather called his uncle to state “we have [a] issue,” as indicated by examiners. 

The workplace says Islam Said then “held his dad inside a home in Justin, Texas that had a place with his cousin.” 

“On Aug. 25, 2020, FBI specialists noticed

 Mr. Said and his uncle taking basic food item packs to the home, at that point, followed the men to a retail plaza 20 miles away, they unloaded garbage recovered from the home,” the assertion added. 

Yaser Abdel Said, who is confronting capital homicide accusations, will make a beeline for preliminary on Feb. 1. 

Islam Said, then, will be condemned on April 30, investigators state.


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