Some interesting things you didn’t know before about Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O’Brien burst into Hollywood’s spotlight in a pale blue Jeep on “Teen Wolf” in 2011. Since then, he’s been winning over fans’ hearts. 

O’Brien has come a long way since his Beacon Hills days with best friend Scott McCall, playing Thomas in “The Maze Runner” and Mitch Rapp in “American Assassin” (played by Tyler Posey). He portrayed a cute nerd in “Teen Wolf” and “The First Time.” He portrayed a complex character in “The Internship” and “The High Road.” At this point in his career, O’Brien is free to pursue projects that pique his interest.

He claims to be shy and has never desired to be famous. Fans are always grateful when he shares parts of himself with the world, though his strict boundaries must be respected and observed. Dylan O’Brien has a YouTube channel, was in a band, and worked briefly as a sportscaster.

Dylan’s Youtube Channel

Everyone has embarrassing videos from their adolescence that they wish they hadn’t kept. Dylan O’Brien, on the other hand, is adamant that he should value his acting career. O’Brien, 13, started a YouTube channel called .”Two Ds I must’ve thought were cool,” he said in a Netflix Film Club video.There, he did everything from funny sketches to lip-syncing to the Spice Girls in a music video in his sister’s stolen shirt. In his channel’s profile picture, “Wannabe” video star wore a shirt stolen from his sister. 

“Wannabe” video star wore a shirt stolen from his sister.

Despite the fact that O’Brien hasn’t posted anything new to his YouTube channel since 2009, he surprised fans in 2018 by uploading a video chronicling his life as a Hollywood actor. He’s been making fun of himself as an unemployed actor and singing “Let It Go” for a bogus “Frozen” audition since the end of “Teen Wolf.”

 According to O’Brien, the source of his success and failures is a fun, campy YouTube channel. His comedic timing and wit were evident even as a young child when he performed silly sketches.

To be a sports brodcaster or not

At the age of 19, O’Brien got his big break on “Teen Wolf,” where he played the delightfully awkward Stiles Stilinski. Of course, high school students are applying to colleges and attempting to figure out their life’s path at this time. It’s no surprise that if his acting career didn’t work out, O’Brien had plenty of other options. He had grand plans to attend Syracuse University and study sports broadcasting for a while. Aside from being close to his hometown and the New York Mets, college in upstate New York provides him with numerous opportunities to pursue his baseball passion.


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