So far, we are going to see only Nokia 5.4 & Nokia 7.3/7.4 are known as upcoming to Nokia retail partners

As we are getting several reports and insider info about the upcoming Nokia smartphones, that says these smartphone can launch in the big launch event by Nokia. The event is anticipated at the end of this year as hinted by retail partners. 

But, some retail partners hinted that this event will not include Nokia 6.3, Nokia and Nokia 9.3 launches. 

While it’s already confirmed by Nokia about its two smartphone models Nokia 7.3 or even Nokia 7.4 to launch soon, we expect this two to come at the end of this year (in the event) or Q1 2021. 

Currently, Nokia 7/3 is all set to feature, but Nokia 7.4 is not yet officially confirmed and all we can trust on some leak reports. 

What Nokia retail partners have heard is only about the Nokia 5.4 very soon this month. And what’s expected is about the upcoming Nokia 7.3/7.4 to launch soon after the 5.4 model. Or in the next big Nokia launch event anticipated at the end of this year. 

Furthermore, the retail partners won’t have any information or any type of hint from HMD regarding the highly anticipated Nokia 9.3 or Nokia 6.3 PureView. 

It’s really sad for all those waiting for the true flagship Nokia 9.3 PureView and highly eager to get any hint regarding its launch schedule and estimation. 

Nokia 5.4 is anticipated to take care of all negative feedback on its display, design and processor reported on its previous Nokia 5.3 model. 

And What’s still encouraging is that Nokia 5.3 has done well in many markets. And undoubtedly after a great success, many are expecting a successor model to this. 

Although, starting with its prior smartphone series like the Nokia 5.1 Plus the Nokia 5XX series has done absolutely great for HMD markets like India.

As per indication from the retail sources the next big Nokia smartphone launch event might schedule at the end of this year. But this is just an indication and can’t be taken as an official confirmation. 

So, it becomes a 50:50 scenario where the probability of event gets an edge as per leaks. We will notify you with any update from HMD regarding this, and for more such fresh updates on tech and gadgets, Stay Tuned!


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