‘SNL’ Pays Tribute To Betty White By Re-airing Her 2010 Episode; Hollywood celebrities Express Their Condolences

Saturday Night Live will re-air a 2010 episode in tribute to Betty White, who passed away earlier this week. A 99-year-old White passed away on Thursday. The actress won an Emmy Award for best guest actress in a comedy series for her work on Saturday Night Live. In honour of her passing, SNL is now dedicating a special segment to her.

Betty White was just a few weeks away from turning 100, and her fans couldn’t wait to celebrate with her. But on Friday, the veteran actress passed away peacefully in her sleep, breaking the hearts of her adoring fans. Those who worked with her, such as Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock, Viola Davis, and Seth Meyers, expressed their admiration for her.

NBC reported the news at priority

The news was first reported by NBC. As a tribute to Betty White, SNL is re-airing an old episode of her hosting stint from 2010 on their Twitter account. As stated in the caption, “Betty White, may you rest in peace now that you are no longer with us. This week on Saturday Night Live, you can catch Betty.”

The Golen Girls actress made several cameos during her 2010 appearance, including one in which she played the grandmother of a prisoner (Kenan Thompson) who brings her in to scare bullies. With Tina Fey, she also appeared in a comedy routine. Although she appeared on the show’s 40th anniversary special in 2015, White hosted SNL only once.

Betty, your presence will be sorely felt.” Since they starred together in The Proposal in 2009, and White’s friendship has blossomed. In a series of jokes, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds has referred to the character as his ex-girlfriend.

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