SmiHub – User Guide & Review of The Best Instagram Story Downloader

Smihub, also known as Dumpor is a platform where Instagram users may browse for and follow other people’s accounts anonymously. Using the downloader’s simple drag-and-drop layout, you can quickly and effortlessly download all of the stories you desire, storing all of your favorite posts on your device or cloud storage account. You may even easily erase the downloaded files anytime you want!

What is SmiHub?

Smi Hub is a free online Instagram stories viewer that lets you browse other people’s profiles totally anonymously. This signifies that the account owner is unaware that you have visited their profile. You may also quickly download the account details by browsing trending reels, posts, and hashtags.

This is a unique analytical tool that allows you to examine the Instagram profiles of anyone you choose. It essentially lets you access reels, videos, likes, posts, stories, follows, comments, and other data while being anonymous. The account holder will be completely unaware even if you download such data from their account.  

How does Smihub work?

Smihub is not well-known as an Instagram viewer software. It is an account analysis tool with an excellent UI that allows users to do their tasks in the most efficient manner possible. When you first use this application, a short greeting text will emerge prompting you to enter a username. Enter the profile URL’s username there.

The free analytics service will then direct you to your preferred user account, where you may download their stories, reels, or anything else without disclosing your identity.

Smihub Features Key

Let’s have a look at Smihub’s key feature:

  • Smihub allows users to surf Instagram in incognito mode. Instagram stories reels, posts, and videos are all available.
  • The tool allows you to check any user’s preferences, comments, likes, or followers without revealing their identity.
  • Smihub was created exclusively to give information on Instagram accounts. It is searchable by hashtags and location. 
  • Using the links, you may quickly download posts and reels to your device. As a result, the downloaded material will be useful in the future and will be available even without internet connection.
  • If you want to draw more attention from your target consumers on Instagram in an exciting and quick manner, you might introduce Smihub to your potential followers. For a quick review, they could search your name or website first. It’s really easy to use, and there’s no need to register a new account. Following a search, your account analysis and post trends can be displayed to them straight.
  • It is a completely free and open-source platform.
  • The Smi Hub is a compact, buffer-free interface that is very simple to operate.

SmiHub is free or paid?

It is a completely free platform! You do not have to pay anything to download or use it. There are also no costly upgrade options, so you may use all of the features for free.

The increased need for such tools has resulted in a slew of new possibilities, but the vast majority of them come at a cost. Smihub, on the other hand, is free and provides all of the necessary services to gather any instagram user’s data.

How To Download Instagram Videos Or Stories through SmiHub?

You may download another person’s Instagram posts, reels, or stories by following a few simple steps: 

  • Go to the official website (Smihub is now operating in the name of Dumpor).
  • If you want to monitor and search for someone’s profile on Instagram, you must know the profile URL. Click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the profile. To discover the user’s unique id, select “copy Profile URL.”
  • If you simply want to look at one user’s Instagram story, profile, or posts, copy and paste the profile URL and select “search.”
  • Anyone who wishes to save any story, reel, or even posts can do so by choosing the “Download from Instagram” button on the website. Enter the URL of the profile, then click “process” to proceed.
  • When you get to an Instagram post, click “Download” to begin downloading the user’s Instagram post/reel.

Reviews from users

Users who have used SmiHub Instagram have stated that it is legitimate and delivers on its promises. You may watch stories and anonymously see someone’s comments, likes, and follows. 

However, in most situations, it is employed for stalking profiles rather than for commercial or marketing purposes.

SmiHub is it really anonymous?

The first thing that hits you is SmiHub’s excellent UI. It’s straightforward, uncomplicated, and to the point. It immediately prompts you to enter your username in a text box. After entering the profile URL, you will have immediate access to that account. You may view accounts anonymously, search for stuff, and download it from there.

In addition, the tool examines an account’s likes, comments, and followers. Above all, it is free to use. 

Smihub allows you to explore Instagram users by utilizing an anonymous identity. There are Instagram stories, reels, tagged posts, and videos available. You may view any user’s likes, comments, and supporters without disclosing your identity.

Competitors of SmiHub

It can be challenging to find a story downloader that suits your individual needs. Anonymous story viewers like Qoob Stories and Instalkr have become quite popular. They offer services similar to SmiHub and are free too.

 Is SmiHub a legit site?

Yes, it is a legitimate method for social media analysis. It does not track your location or Instagram activity, nor does it demand payments. 

Furthermore, the capabilities it claims to offer are 99 percent reliable, so you need not be concerned about financial or ethical dangers.

Smi Hub instagram stories or Dumpor – How Do They Compare?

Dumpor is the new name for SmiHub Instagram. was their previous domain name. They recently shifted to 

Don’t be surprised if you visit the site and see that the name has changed. The website remains the same. The only distinction is the brand name.

Smi Hub instagram v/s Dumpor

Smi Hub and Dumpor are both names for the same platform. Smi Hub was the previous name, which has recently been changed to Dumper. However, the tool’s functionality and services remain unchanged.

How do I access the Smi Hub website? 

You can access the Smi Hub website using the username on your web browser.

What Are The Alternatives To Smihub?

Here are the top ten smihub alternatives:


Qoob Stories is the finest solution for high volume Instagram content downloads. You can automate the entire storey saving operation by simply adding your favorite account to the Qoob Instagram Story Viewer/Downloader. 

It will immediately begin downloading stuff from that account to your mobile or PC.


Instalkr requires only a username to enable quick access to any Instagram description you want, as long as it is a public account. It is easy to use, really quick, and absolutely free. It’s an excellent approach to monitor or spy on an account of particular interest while keeping anonymous.


It’s a social media selling tool that allows businesses to acquire momentum for their products or services by using Instagram’s large user base. 

As a basic Instagram Story Audience, it may assist you in downloading images and videos from Instagram. This material might be utilized for business or recreational reasons. Its account visibility features are intended to collect information on customers, rivals, and site influencers.


InstaDP lives up to its name by offering a web-based application that allows users to instantly download content from any regular Instagram account. While being entirely anonymous, you may safely check out any account, save their material, and assess their profile. The fact that it is also free to use justifies its placement on our list.


In Stories Ig, the platform prioritizes simplicity over anything else. As a consequence, we now have a tool that is not only required, but also speedy and efficient. Despite the fact that the account download service is littered with adverts, it is a decent fee to pay for a totally free set.


StoriesDown, like StoriesIG, is simple to set up and use, with all of the standard features you’ll need to browse Instagram stories secretly. However, unlike the previous, it does not overwhelm you with advertisements. It’s also a lot more aesthetically attractive for a 100% free product.


Simply type or paste a login into the package, and you’ll have instant access to that account. After gaining access, you may see news, images, and videos anonymously. Unfortunately, you don’t have much else to do.

Confidential Instagram does not enable you to download or distribute content, which may turn off some users.


Because of its simple features, InstaStories is a lot of fun to use. You may visit any public Instagram account with simply a username. There is no need for an account or to register. Simply submit a legitimate username into this online platform to receive immediate access to any public account.

You may see news, highlights, reels, and videos without being noticed by the account holder. This data is also available in high quality for download. Although visually beautiful, the user interface may be challenging to comprehend.


Is Smi hub safe to use?

Yes, it is an open-source and free platform that will not cost you anything. It is a simple, dependable, and accurate tool for analyzing Instagram accounts in depth. Without fear of fraud, you may get the desired results from

Is SmiHub Really Anonymous?

Yes, its primary function is to analyze anonymous Instagram accounts. It claims to allow you to see and evaluate any account in an anonymous manner. The question now is whether or not the claim is true. If you investigate someone’s Instagram account using SmiHub, they will not be alerted or discovered. So you may go visit an account anonymously without worrying.

Is SmiHub Legit?

Yes, It is not a scam and is a real social media analysis tool. It does not monitor your IP address, Instagram actions, or location. Not only that, but it charges no payment from you. Furthermore, the functions it offers are really genuine. As a result, you can utilize it without concern about financial or ethical difficulties.

To Summarize 

It doesn’t get any simpler than SmiHub. The interface, with its flawless layout, is simple to use and navigate. It is an excellent analytics service for sneaking a peek at someone’s Instagram account. Above all, it is completely free to use.

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